Thứ Sáu, 22 tháng 5, 2015

LED Lighting Applications in Food Breakthrough

In the At present, the Those food Experiencing the supermarket, Particularly yes cooked food, the cold fresh class food, the general use of fluorescent lamps lighting. The traditional high-calorie lighting system will meat or meat products cause harm, and the formation of water vapor condensation inside the plastic packaging. In addition, the use of fluorescent lighting is often the elderly customers are compelling, they cannot see the food. Recently, German researchers developed the food of the new ultra-high brightness LED flood lights technology, the technology of LED lighting and reflector technology integration will be a good solution to the food lighting. It is learned that the, the researchers has developed two demonstration device. 

A: anti glare and uniform illumination device 

Researchers using high-performance, high-brightness LED light source, through a reflecting surface reflecting lighting to achieve the expected effect of the surface without glare. At present, researchers have developed a high reflection efficiency of aluminum coated reflector lighting demonstration demonstration device, its illume effect has reached a uniform illumination optical requirement. Using this technology can of vegetables, meat and baked food for uniform illumination, the real response of food natural color. 

Two: intelligent lighting control device 

The researcher also developed the LED illumination wisdom control device. Through sensor monitor vegetables, meats or roasting class food radiation spectrum color. According to the radiation spectrum change situation, the immediate adjustment exposure intensity achieves the best illuminating effect. If studies successful, illuminates with LED replaces traditional the illumination lamps and lanterns, will be able to cause food to guarantee the nature time to lengthen, causes food the color to be more real, will be more advantageous in the customer chooses food. Along with the people to the LED illumination unceasing research, causes the superiority which LED illuminates to be more and more many, believed the LED illumination will replace the traditional illumination lamps and lanterns not to be far in each domain popular time. 

Besides above two, the LED lamp non-heavy metal nature also is food illumination choice factor. But on the current LED illumination water, must return to original state the food originally color to have the difficulty. But itself LED lamp produces the quantity of heat also is quite considerable, if can solve the LED colored index to produce the hot question very much, LED should have the quite good application prospect in food illumination aspect. 

LED interior lighting market undoubtedly, face the market, domestic enterprises should do to bide their time? 'It should streng then the patent, technology tackles key problem, also should undertake certain propaganda, enhance consumer awareness of LED. At the same time also should promote the standardization, standardization, finally let consumers in 20 ~50 standard products to choose between, but not in thousands of standard products to choose between, otherwise the consumer will be unable to find replacement products is very troublesome. 't said. The NVC Shanghai R & D center general manager to express, with respect to the enterprise, the enterprise should strengthen its research and development strength, grasp more competitive technology. Next to the static under heart to come good products…