Thứ Sáu, 22 tháng 5, 2015

The Queen Size Mattress - Do You Need A King?

When it comes to mattresses, most people think bigger is better. The largest mattress you can buy varies depending on what part of the world you happen to be in. In the United States, aside from a custom made mattress, the largest standard mattress you can get is a California king size mattress. Bigger is better is not necessarily inaccurate; however, many bedrooms will not fit a California king size mattress or even a regular king size mattress. In these cases, a queen size mattress may be the answer to your problems. 

There are five standard mattress sizes: twin (also known as single), full, queen, king and California king. A twin mattress is generally used for children because a twin mattress does not really provide enough space for two adults to sleep comfortably. In order to get a proper night of rest, you need to have enough space to roll and turn throughout the night. The dimensions of a twin bed are only 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. 

The Real Difference Between a King and a Queen 

A queen size mattress and a king size mattress are both 80 inches in length. This makes the two mattress sizes hard to tell apart, and many people are not sure which is bigger between a queen size mattress and a king size mattress. To make matters worse, the standard mattress widths are not always kept by mattress manufacturers. Custom cut mattresses can be bigger or smaller than standard dimensions specify. A standard queen size mattress should measure in at 60 inches in width. On the other hand, a king size mattress should measure 76 inches wide. However, a custom cut queen size mattress may actually be cut wider than a standard king size mattress. In general, a queen size mattress should be smaller than a king size mattress, though. 

What to Look for in a Queen Size Mattress 

Due to its size, a queen size mattress can often fit into bedrooms that are too small for a king size mattress while retaining the comfort space that a sleeping couple requires. Both people will need an adequate amount of space to fall asleep and provide for tossing and turning space. 

When shopping for any mattress, you need to consider what type of mattress foundation you are looking for, such as coil springs, foam, water or air. Other considerations should include the comfort and firmness of the mattress or the amount of padding provided. A long lasting warranty is important, as well, and the longer the warranty, the higher the quality of the mattress.